Brazil gave me headaches, a lot of headaches [punctuation]

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In writing a research paper, I have come across a dilemma I cannot answer. I am talking about Brazil and how it gave me headaches. My sentence is this: "Brazil gave me headaches, a lot of headaches."
At first, I had written it with a period like so "Brazil gave me headaches. A lot of headaches.", because I really wanted to emphasize the latter part.
I am wondering what (if any) would be grammatically correct. I would like to keep the sentence(s) how it is, if at all possible.
Would a comma be the right punctuation in this situation? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jeff.

    A comma in that sentence is fine. For a little more separation, you might consider a dash:
    Brazil gave me headaches—a lot of headaches. [Hold down the Alt key while you type 0151 on the numeric keypad.] You could also put "lot" in italics, as I've done; that indicates emphasis.
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