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    In English, there is an expression used in theatre - 'Break a leg' - meant to say, 'good luck', because of the superstition that wishing good luck will actually bring bad luck.

    Is there anything similar in Hungarian?

    Köszönöm! :)
  2. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    In Hungarian: "kéz- és lábtörést!" - break an arm and a leg, as you can see just a leg would not be enough. :)
    -- Olivier
  3. Nghi2 New Member

    Well. Huh. Interesting.

    Köszönöm szépen!

    Is it only used in a theatre context, or does it apply to performing arts in general?
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  4. Zsanna

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    Hello Nghi2,

    It is not only used in a theatre context, it could be used in any situation where colloquial language is appropriate.
    So yes, it could be applied to performing arts, too.

    The expression is really a calque from German, so I am not convinced if there weren't a "real Hungarian" term somewhere...:)

    I found these (in the same meaning) in a study of students' language (here): so, there is a choice that you can use in the same register (in almost any context):

    arass ... + 'sok sikert*!' Vö. ...egy káddal!, ...egy kalappal!, ...egy kárpátmedencével!, ...kéz és lábtörést!, ...mindent bele!, ...a nagy szellem kísérjen utadon!

    *This is the basic expression whose register is neutral
  5. Nghi2 New Member

    Thank you!

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