break an egg- romper?

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  1. gerardj New Member

    USA/ English
    Could you help me translate the following, for a preschool context (working with young children)

    The sentence below refers to what would happen if you hold an egg too tight...

    "If you hold it too tight, it will crack".

    Would this be okay?

    "Si lo agarre fuerte, puede romper"
  2. Búkarus

    Búkarus Senior Member

    Colombia, castellano
    It's almost okay: Si lo agarra muy fuerte, se puede romper.

    "Romperse" and "quebrarse" are like "to get cracked" in this case. If you say "agarra", you are talking to "usted".

    Let me suggest it as if talking to "tú":
    Si lo agrarras muy fuerte, se quebrará.
    Si lo aprietas mucho, se quebrará.

    I feel "quebrarse" has a sense of "to crack" rather than "romperse" does.

  3. IzzyBee Member

    Chicago, Illinois
    Spain, spanish
    Si lo agarras demasiado fuerte, se romperá.
  4. geonan Senior Member

    Argentina, español

    Si lo aprietas / sujetas fuerte se romperá.



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