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Theron Q Dumont in his book The Power of Concentration says to the reader that he/she should first watch a man of strong character and pay attention to how he behaves, how big control he has over his body and then look at an ordinary person.
He says:

Then I want you to watch just an ordinary person. Notice how he moves his eyes, arms, fingers; notice the useless expenditure of energy. These movements all break down the vital cells and lessen the person's power in vital and nerve directions. It is just as important for you to conserve your nervous forces as it is the vital forces.

Does "break down" mean here "destroy"? These movements "destroy the cells" or maybe the cells are "used" by these movements?

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    To break down can certainly mean to destroy. What it means in this context is anybody's guess. I don't think the author - an occultist - would even be able to tell you if he were alive. It's nonsense and factually incorrect to say that expenditure of energy by moving eyes, arms or fingers destroys the vital cells or lessens power. And which cells aren't vital ("of life", i.e. living)? What are "vital and nerve directions"?
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