1. patrickr Senior Member

    canada, english
    what do you call the 15 minute breaks at a job? des pauses?
  2. vought82 New Member

    Belgique, Français
    I confirm : "break" = pause in French
  3. patrickr Senior Member

    canada, english
    thanks. I wonder if that applies to our side of the pond as well.
  4. Albert 50 Senior Member

    Montreal QC and Dallas TX
    Canada: French and English (bilingual)
    Hi Patrick

    When I was a kid in a French-speaking town in Manitoba, a "break" at work was called "la pause-café". When I moved to Montreal several years later a lot of people there were still using the anglicism "le break" (since most of the bosses in those days were anglophones). After French was declared "langue de travail", some people did begin to use "pause".

    I use it myself but not everyone does... There was a very strong focus in my family to avoid anglicisms and my step-mother was an immigrant from Belgium (from Wallonie).


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