Break off in one's hands


"Paris and Menelaus arm themselves and begin their duel. Neither is able to fell the other with his spear. Menelaus breaks his sword over Paris’s helmet. He then grabs Paris by the helmet and begins dragging him through the dirt, but Aphrodite, an ally of the Trojans, snaps the strap of the helmet so that it breaks off in Menelaus’s hands. Frustrated, Menelaus retrieves his spear and is about to drive it home into Paris when Aphrodite whisks Paris away to his room in Priam’s palace."(source: the summary of the iliad SparkNotes: The Iliad: Books 3–4)

Does the red part mean that the the duel ends(=break off) and Menelaus got the woman(=in his hands)?(But if so, I could not understand why Menelaus gets frustrated)

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