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what does the word “grip” mean here in the following sentence?
Is "break the grip of~" some kind of idiom?
We can break the grip of hunger for tens of millions of people.
I found 4 definitions (WR) of the noun grip,
1. a firm hold
2. a part or attachment by which something is held in the hand.
3. a travelling bag.
4. a stagehand in a theatre.
but I’m not sure I see the right definition of the grip used in the sentence.
Thank you.
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    It is a metaphoric use of the first definition: "firm hold".

    Hunger has a grip [firm hold] on millions of people. Millions of people cannot escape hunger.

    When we force someone who has a firm hold on something to let go, we say we "broke his grip". If we "break the grip" of hunger, the people will no longer be "held" by hunger. They will no longer be trapped by hunger and its consequences.

    I hope this helps to answer your question.
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