break the wind (horse)

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  1. knarr Senior Member

    What does it mean for a horse to "break his wind"?

    If you need the full sentence, it's this one:

    Then as he laughed at his own fancies, a new fear came upon him lest the horse should break his wind, and Mr. Raymond have good cause to think he had not been using him well.
  2. MichaelW Senior Member

    English (British)
    If they are looking after the horse and stabling it, it would refer to "broken wind" (bronchitis, or 'heaves') which the horse could have got if they didn't look after it.

    If they have just borrowed it for a single ride, I think it might mean they have over-worked it and it is exhausted and out of breath - but I can't find any references to this on Google so I may be wrong.
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  3. Brioche

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    A horse's wind is its respiritory health and fitness.

    To break a horse's wind means to damage its respiratory system, usually by over-work.

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