Breakdown in costume design

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    when working on films/tv there is a section of the costume department which is called breakdown or art finishing which is where costumes and/ or costume props are aged, dirtied and generally manipulated. Does anyone know what this is called in French?
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    Hey Mo
    The process is called "patinage". It applies to costumes as well as sets and props. The verb is "patiner".
    Confusingly, it's the same word as for (ice) skating and most dictionaries give only that definition.
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    Wahou! Merci Scrivener! In fact I just sent off my cv off last night (ah, sweet sweet universe and your squiggly ways) and left the term in as 'art finishing'. Hope they understand! :eek:
    I'll be able to regale them with the term when they ALL ring me up for interviews though! Thanks!

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