breakdown of تَتَفَسَّحُ وَ تَتَنَزَّهُ


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I am trying to understand the following phrase: تَتَفَسَّحُ وَ تَتَنَزَّهُ

I believe that means for fun and time spent in the park?

1. What is the root word for تَتَنَزَّهُ and تَتَفَسَّحُ ? I am trying to look this up in the dictionary and I cannot seem to find any answers.

2. Are they ism or fi'l?

3. Is the هُ in the end of تَتَنَزَّهُ a pronoun?

Thanks in advance..
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    They're both present tense verbs, and the form is تفعّل, if you know your awzaan.

    تتنزّه means you go for a walk(m.) or she/it goes for a walk, and the root is ن ز ه . The ه at the end is part of the verb.

    تتفسح is probably with reference to a thing, and means it is extended, it becomes spacious, widens, etc., the root is ف س ح. If in reference to a person, it would be reflexive, you extend yourself.

    To break these down, you simply need to be familiar with the forms of the Arabic verb.


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    I will state the full sentence which may help in figuring out its context:

    في يومٍ، خَرَجَتْ مِنَ المَنزِلِ، تَتَفَسَّحُ وَ تَتَنَزَّهُ، سارتْ مَسافةً طويلةٌ...حتَّى تَعِبَتْ

    The above sentence is taken from a children's story book. Based on the context, I would say that تَتَفَسَّحُ وَ تَتَنَزَّهُ means that she overextended her walk (since she was having fun) and walked a long distance until she got tired.


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    The verb تفسّح , in addition to the meaning of being extended, also means to go for a walk or go on an outing (with the purpose of enjoying oneself). It seems to me that both the words mean basically the same thing and are complementing each other. The use of synonymous couplets (مترادفات ثنائية ), that is, two words with similar meanings used appositionally, is a stylistic effect Arabic is fond of.
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