breaking down

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One prisoner says that they were supposed to have a library, but he never saw a book in this prison. He also said: I was supposed to have GED classes on TV too, but they say it keeps breaking down.

--- I checked what GED is, but I'm wondering now about TV and breaking down.

Does it mean they buy some CD's and watch them or do they broadcast some special programms on TV which you watch and learn just to prepare for this exam?

And what's breaking down? I suppose the TV?
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    There were some TV programs that helped people study for the GED exam, and I think they were mostly from back in the 1980s on PBS or other local channel station. Depending on the time frame of the story, it could be an actual TV series rather than DVD or VHS. However, I would be more inclined to think it was a TV show rather than a DVD.
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