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Hi everyone!
Here's a sentence I have to translate in Italian. A scientist uses the example of a basketball match in order to explain the connection between "right instincts" and the player's success in game. In this case, the player doesn't use his right instinct but he follows his coach directions, losing the chance to score.

The sentence I have to translate reports "breaking down" that seems to mean a "sconfitta" which is in opposition with "all right instincts" that should help the player to gain the victory.

Here it is:
"The player breaking down court had all the right instincts for the up-tempo game" me!!thanks:)
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    I think that it refers to a "fast break" down court, i.e. towards the basket of the opposing team. A fast break is analogous to a fast counter attack, however counter attack is mostly used with reference to a soccer game.
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