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I'm reading "Zodiac"'s screenplay by Jamie Vanderbilt. In a scene description about Avery it s says "breaking" and I don't know which meaning of break is meant here. Can you help me, please. Avery and Graysmith are sitting in a bar.

This can no longer be ignored - what is this you're drinking?

You wouldn't make fun of my drink if you tried it.

Avery, breaking. He takes the drink. Takes a sip and...
  • dojibear

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    Avery, breaking.
    This isn't an English sentence. It is a stage direction, telling Avery what to do. Screenplays often have stage directions.

    I assume "breaking" means "interrupting" some current action. But what action? That isn't clear from the information.

    Or perhaps "breaking" has a specific meaning that actors and screen-writers know, but I don't know.


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    I think it means he approached the other man with a certain gruff, somewhat confrontational attitude and then relaxed and decided to try the drink when it was offered. His scowl, or whatever, broke (came to an end) and his face relaxed and he became friendlier.
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