Breath the accusation


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Can someone tell me what does it mean to "breath the accusation"? Thanks!

Today, even, nine years after the tragedy, after it was proven a hundred times that Emma Goldman had nothing to do with the event, that no evidence whatsoever exists to indicate that Czolgosz ever called himself an Anarchist, we are confronted with the same lie, fabricated by the police and perpetuated by the press. No living soul ever heard Czolgosz make that statement, nor is there a single written word to prove that the boy ever breathed the accusation. Nothing but ignorance and insane hysteria, which have never yet been able to solve the simplest problem of cause and effect.

Emma Goldman
  • (As a useful, I hope, aside, we have an idiom when we tell a secret that we want to be kept only for the ears of the hearer: "Don't breathe one word of it!" = Let this go no further to anybody else, don't say one word, don't even breathe-whisper one word out of the many words of this secret. :))
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