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I am trying to translate the word "Breathe" into multiple languages. The particular context I'm looking for is what you would use if you wanted to remind yourself to just breathe and calm down.

Could someone help me translate "Breathe" appropriately into Korean? I want to make sure the correct context is there and I'm suspicious of the translator I'm using. It has really not been useful at all!

Thank you in advance!!!!
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    Hello LillyAsh,
    Literally, to "breathe" is translated as “숨 쉬다", "호흡하다".

    If you are trying to calm yourself down (or calm another person down for that matter), there is also an expression, "심호흡하다", meaning "to take a deep breath". Given the context you've provided, "심호흡하다" might actually be a good choice. If you are talking to and reminding yourself to "just breathe", you'd say "호흡하자", "심호흡하자", "호흡하고 침착하자 (which literally means, "let's just breathe and calm down")". Now, when asking or telling someone else other than yourself to "breathe and relax", you'd say "호흡하시고 침착하세요".

    Just a side note, "breathe in" is translated as "숨을 들이마시다", and "breathe out", "숨을 내쉬다".


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    Hello LillyAsh,

    I wouldn't translate it as on the literal dictionary but use '숨을 돌리다', 'to remind yourself to just breathe and calm down'.