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Is there anyone who can help me to understand the meaning of 'bred' in the following context?
"From philosophers bred to expect a certain stylistic austerity, I beg indulgence for what may strike them as an intolerable wildness in the following paper".
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    Hello alotto, and welcome to WordReference.

    This is a slightly flippant comment about philosophers.
    It is alluding to their philosophical training as if it were a process of breeding and rearing some kind of domesticated animal. If I use other words in place of bred ...

    From philosophers whose training and experience has led them to expect a certain .....

    It is a somewhat convoluted sentence, but then what else would one expect from a philosopher.


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    Bred may also mean trained. There is an idiom in English, 'born and bred' which is used to mean that a person has a set of characteristics common to a place or group. I agree with Panj that this is a flippant, and even bittingly sarcastic, remark, as philosophers are rarely austere in their writing style.