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Hello. This is related to football (soccer). I don't understand the verb 'breeze' in this sentence. What is the idea of using the verb. This is from League One (Sky Sports)

6: Jacobs breezes past Thompson, who tried to tug him back, and then nutmegs Whatmough, but can't get on the loose ball. There are hopeful appeals for a penalty from the Wigan end, but tellingly none from their players.
  • JulianStuart

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    He moves past him the same way a breeze would move past him.

    The WRF dictionary (where you did look before posting the question, right?) has the entry:

    breeze v.
    to move in a carefree and confident manner:[~ + into/in + object]He breezed into the classroom and sat down


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    In this context (a sport) the phrase "breezes past" means "goes past easily". It does not say anything about his manner.
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