1. Hi!:)

    How could you say in english "dans les plus brefs délais"?

    context: We are staying to your disposal in order to negotiate "dans les plus brefs délais"

  2. The Scrivener Banned

    On the "naughty step".
    England. English

    In the shortest possible time.
  3. boterham Senior Member

    Rijsel, France
    French, France
    or I was thinking 'as soon as possible' ...
  4. zenitude Senior Member

    Milan (Italy)
    Moi aussi j'aurais opté pour le fameux "ASAP" ;)
  5. thanks for your answers firends!!! I take "in the shortest possible time!"
  6. celijade Member

    Comment pourrait-on traduire : Reponse assuree dans les plus brefs delais ?
    (desolee pour le manque d'accent)

    Merci beaucoup
  7. cutiepie1892

    cutiepie1892 Senior Member

    Northern Ireland English
    Response assured/guaranteed as soon as possible or quick/rapid response assured/guaranteed
    I would be more inclined to go with the second option as the first seems quite encumbered but they have the same meaning and so it is entirely up to you :)
  8. celijade Member

    Thank you very much for your help
  9. Laurie.Cocoon Senior Member

    Votre commande sera expédiée dans les plus brefs délais.

    You parcel will be dispatched as soon as possible. -> ???

    I'm not so sure of it. Anything better to translate "dans les plus brefs délais?"

    as soon as possible seems to mean "as soon as we can" but I would like to say that it will be sent very soon, for sure. (not "possibly")
  10. Squiggle

    Squiggle Senior Member

    Savoie, France
    English - UK
    You could use "very shortly"
  11. christelle1987 Senior Member


    In fact, "as soon as possible means "dès que possible" in the sense that the order will be send when it will be ready.

    Different solutions:

    as quickly as possible / without delay / within the shortest (delivery) time / at your earliest convenience.

    Do you have a date of reception of the order? Maybe you can say "within the next XXX hours".
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  12. Laurie.Cocoon Senior Member

    Ok, do you think "very shortly" is formal enough for this type of mail?
  13. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    We will be sending your parcel (order?) to you in the very near future/very soon - (a suggestion)
  14. Laurie.Cocoon Senior Member

    No, that's the problem. My boss asked me not to precise a delivery time, because it can cause troubles if for exalmple the order is placed on saturday you know.

    Thanks for your help, I'll take a look at these posts right now.
  15. Squiggle

    Squiggle Senior Member

    Savoie, France
    English - UK
    There is nothing particularly informal about "very shortly" and to my ear it sounds like sooner than "in the near future".

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