Bricolage et braconnage


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Hi everyone,

im reading a paper in which this phrase has me stumped

im not really sure what "Bricolage et braconnage" mean in this context.

"le sociologue Romain Sèze parle de « bricolage » et de « braconnage » pour décrire le rapport des imams et de leurs fidèles"

Any help would be much appreciated !
  • Michelvar

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    More context would be necessary to understand what's in the author's mind. but mostly, braconnage means hunting a prey that is not yours, like hunting on someone else's land, and bricolage means doing it using tools you've made yourself, like for instance using a DIY religious doctrine.

    Kelly B

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    I found a reference to a translated title of one of Sèze's papers and it used hybridization for bricolage, but that's a significant shift in register. I don't have any better ideas, though, in the absence of context.
    Even without it, though, I think it's likely that the usual translation poaching should work for braconnage.