Vicky G.

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Hi friends
I have no idea about equivalent in Spanish for Bridgepoint. I have not a clear context as this term is always shown in titles from an excel list.
"Transactions with Bridgepoint" or "Balances with Bridgepoint"
Sorry an important part of my message is gone:
Thanks for your help, stay safe.
  • Vicky G.

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    Si es un nombre propio, no se traduce.
    Gracias Bevj por tu sugerencia.
    No me parece que sea un nombre propio, me parece más un concepto financiero, pero yo no soy experta financiera...Como apoyo, tengo otro excel con nombre "Bridge template end 2020" pensaba que sería algo así como "transición". "Balances en transición", "Transacciones en curso"...

    Joe Esquire

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    Spanish Spain- English US
    Bridgepoint is a UK based consulting and accounting software company. You may want to consider that possibility.
    On the other hand, ”bridge“ and “bridgepoint” are not generally recognized accounting terms. At least, not in the US.