brin de fraîcheur

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  1. PV BSM Member

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    Hello once again!

    I'm still working on this menu and I've come across the expression 'brin de fraîcheur'. Here is the context: 'Mettez un brin de fraîcheur sur votre pizza avec quelques feuilles de salade verte'.

    Here's my translation: Add a tinge of freshness on your pizza with some green salad. OR Add a few salad greens for a tad/a bit of freshness on your pizza.

    What do you think?
  2. floise Senior Member

    Hi PV BSM,

    I'd suggest: 'a touch of freshness'.

  3. Angle O'Phial

    Angle O'Phial Senior Member

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    Also possible:

    a breath of freshness
  4. PV BSM Member

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    Thanks for your suggestions!

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