bring down the light

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"It's light sensitive," Mike added. "Breaks up illusion."
"Thought projection," Carlos replied, and then caught himself as the group stared at him. "The church guy said to bring down the light or let the light shine, some shit like that to dispel the illusion.
The Awakening by Banks, L.A.
How do I understand bring down here ?
Thank you.
  • dadane

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    I think it is a poetic way of saying let the light through or let the sun shine. Sunlight travels downwards towards the ground, so if, for instance, the clouds part, the light can come down. It is very religious sounding and not normal usage.

    Enquiring Mind

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    English - the Queen's
    I'd just add that "the light" is also used by people in a religious context pretty much as a synonym for "God" or "the spirit". Some people believe there is a spiritual dimension to our existence but are not comfortable with the word "God", or they may feel they don't want to sound too religious in the context in which they're speaking.
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