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Hi guys I'm a new member, psyched to be here, I've recently started watching the Tv series how I met your mother, there's one part I can't understand. .
The episode's name is beyond me, but I guess You know about the slip_in horse_poop Robbin is about to start the interview, Barney says: bring it home baby
Would you please help me?
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    Welcome to the forum, Siavash2015!

    Can you give us a little more information about what is going on in the scene? Who is Robbin, who is Barney, and what happens before Barney says "Bring it home, Baby?"

    (I'm presuming from your thread title that you're asking about the meaning of the phrase "Bring it home." Is that right?)


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    You're welcome, yes my question is the idiom (bring it home baby) ,Barney is the artist; Neil Patrick Harris but I don't know Robbin's real life this serial Robbin is a news reporter.... one day Barney who is a friend of Robbin's, pays her money and dares her to do something embarrassing on TV news for a laugh. As Robbin starts her interview Barney is in the bar with other friends watching it on TV. While she's about to start, Barney says bring it home baby
    I live in a country where English is not the second language so my English sucks! ,I would appreciate a simple and precise answer
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