bring on (one's) bears


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"I always like your games, but if Meg doesn't want me, I'll go away."

"I've no objection, if you do something. It's against the rules to be idle here," replied Meg gravely but graciously.

"Much obliged. I'll do anything if you'll let me stop a bit, for it's as dull as the Desert of Sahara down there. Shall I sew, read, cone, draw, or do all at once? Bring on your bears. I'm ready." And Laurie sat down with a submissive expression delightful to behold.

Little Women

What does 'bring on your bears' mean?
Please help. Thank you.
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    What does 'bring on your bears' mean?
    It's an idiom meaning "Bring it on" or "Do whatever you want to do".

    I don't think it's used much nowadays but other might have a different opinion.
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    This is 19th century slang for "I accept your challenge, do your worst." Of course Laurie means this facetiously.
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