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bring peace to the souls

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Hiro Sasaki, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Hiro Sasaki Banned

    Osaka, Japn
    Japan, Japanese

    I searched in google some phrases to translate
    Buddhism related idea and I found
    "bring peace to the souls ..". I have written several
    times "wishing for the peace of the dead persons in war".
    Can you give me some idiomatic phrases to express
    the idea which I want to convey to the readers ?

    I have written the folowing sentences.

    The Tôfuku-ji Temple was built in 1236, on the instruction of the Imperial regent Kujô( Fujiwara) Michiie, father of the fourth shogun Kamakura, Yoritsune, wishing to bring peace to the souls of the deceased of his clan.

    Hiro Sasaki
  2. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    Hello, HiroSasaki. Your request is both interesting and challenging. As long as you wish to convey the idea of an individual personality or consciousness that transcends death your choice of "soul" for this idea is perhaps the best and most common. "Spirit" would also be a good choice.
    There are various words used to signify "to bring peace to something". Here are a few possibilities: appease, quiet, settle, mollify, soothe. I'd suggest that you look these up in a dictionary and decide for yourself whether they suit your purpose here or not. Here are a few possible restatements of "to bring peace to the souls of...":
    to soothe the souls of...
    to appease the spirits of...
    to settle the souls of...
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2009
  3. Hiro Sasaki Banned

    Osaka, Japn
    Japan, Japanese
    Thank you

    I did not know the word "mollify" and searched the

    mollify ~ with phony peace treaty

    send flowers to mollify one's wife

    I would like to use "peace" and "soul", because in the Christian culture,
    you say "Rest in peace",

    Hiro Sasaki
  4. "Bring peace to the souls of the deceased" is, in my opinion, the most appropriate and likely choice to express what I think is the idea of your statement. As owlman5 says, "soothe," "appease" and "settle" are possible, but they all imply that the souls are restless, angry or disturbed in some way and need to be soothed, appeased, or settled. If the desire is simply to honor and memorialize the souls of departed clansmen, then "peace" is a neutral choice that says nothing about the state of the souls themselves.

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