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Hi all,
I am not sure what an author meant by the underlined phrase-it is a text about public speaking mastery and presentation.

"Winding up - this is your moment.
Make a strong, clear finish, ideally with a cal! to action-, stating what you would like people to do; or summarize”, using the rule of three: the key points are this. this and this. ‘Now, does anybody have any questions?’
No, under no circumstances do93 that.
Bring the question section forward, to before your concluding remarks. Why? You risk a doubting Thomas stealing the show
with a negative comment and ruining all your good work. Stay in control of the ending. A good way to do this could be to distribute a one-page handout
illustrating the key points."
  • lingobingo

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    It just means invite questions from the audience BEFORE your summing up (or “winding up”, as he puts it). Bring that part of the proceedings forward in time.


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    The bring something forward - to do something earlier, or at an earlier stage, than planned.
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