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Joel Smit

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Thanks guys.
And "on a different note" :))), what is the meaning of "bring you up to speed"?
Is that similar to "update you"?

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  • Starfrown

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    It is somewhat similar to "update."

    "bring you up to speed" = "tell you everything that I have learned/that has happened/etc. (in your absence)"


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    I agree with Starfrown about one of its uses. It can also mean that the person has no prior knowledge of some event and the other person is giving him or her a summary of all the pertinent details.

    I have also heard it used to mean "become familiar with a subject/technique/technology to the point that you are as productive and knowledgeable as the rest of the team." For example, "We/ve just hired a new programmer and there's a lot for him to wrap his arms around on this project. We need three or four weeks just to bring him up to speed."
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