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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Now the nation’s largest billboard company, Clear Channel Outdoor Inc., is bringing customized pop-up ads to the interstate. Its Radar program, up and running in Boston and 10 other US cities, uses data AT&T Inc. collects on 130 million cellular subscribers, and from two other companies, PlaceIQ Inc. and Placed Inc., which use phone apps to track the comings and goings of millions more.

This passage in the book is a quote from the BostonGlobe article.

When the billboard has a brain - The Boston Globe

The thing that is a bit unclear to me is: does "customized pop-up ads" refer to usual pop-up ads that appear on the computer screen, or does it refer to the changing images on those billboards ("If lots of mothers are rolling by, the new billboards will know to skip the motorcycle ad and maybe push the new Disney movie instead.")?

And if those pop-up ads are the ones on the computer screen, am I correct in thinking that they are shown on the people's smartphones?

Thank you.
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