Bringing home the bacon


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I would like to know from a native German speaker if there's an equivalent to our phrase...

"Bringing home the bacon"

... and would it incorporate the word Speck?

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    1..Earn a living, provide the necessities of life, as in Now that she had a job, Patricia could bring home the bacon.
    2. Be successful, accomplish something of value, as in George went to Washington and brought home the bacon--he got the funding we needed.

    It would be nice if you´ll tell us the next time what the phrase means ;)

    In German we do not bring bacon home but rolls
    "Er/Sie bringt die Brötchen nach Hause"
    The example from the second sentence above wouldn´t work with "Brötchen" in German. You simply would say "Er/Sie hat es geschafft" (He/She has done it)


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    Welcome to the forum, eriquitadeutschland,
    I have a note to 1.: I know it in the form "Er/sie geht die Brötchen verdienen".
    If I hear "Er/Sie bringt die Brötchen nach Hause" I would think he/she was at the bakery (in German now mostly: "Backshop"), and brought home small breads.
    But this may depend on region.
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