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Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. I was just wondering, is the British term for "cell phone wallpaper" "logo"? I've seen some websites (.uk websites) that say "purchase logos and ringtones for your cell phone". I tried to connect the I correct? :)

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    I just checked.
    The logo is the boring bit at the top of the screen that is usually the name of your network provider.
    You can, it seems, get the logo of your choice downloaded.
    For instance, I could probably arrange for my phone to display Panjandrum instead of Yadafoam yuk.

    That is not the same as what I would recognise as wallpaper on my PC.
    That seems to be called a theme in cellphoneworld.

    These suggestions are probably rubbish.


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    A logo is more like a symbol or emblem and often includes stylized text and pictures and is often rather small in relation to its surroundings. Many auto manufacturer emblems could be called logos when applied to a computer context.

    A wallpaper is often a picture or pattern that forms the background of the computer monitor - named after the patterned stuff you stick on a wall rather than painting it. Some walls have been papered with large murals (or in times past the scene was painted directly on the wall) which is probably where the idea came from.


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    In Australia the mobile phone companies offer logos, wallpaper and ringtones.

    This site will show you logos:
    <<Commercial site link removed>>

    This site will show you wallpaper
    <<Another commercial site link removed>>
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