British made / Made in Britain ?


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There posed a question if these three are identical or not.
1. Made in Britain.
2. Britain made.
3. British made.
Are they compatible for anything made in UK?
Or any of them are not usable?
Any other comments are all welcome.
Thank you for your attention.
  • Hey. I'm sorry I can't answer your question fully, but I'm pretty sure "Made in Britain" is the best word choice. If you want to use the other two, you would need a hyphen between the two, i.e. British-made. Hope that helped!
    I'm not so sure about Britain-made, because Britain is a proper noun and "made" implies that someone or something made it. For example, made is usually near an adjective because we usually mean to say how it was made. So British-made would mean it was made in a British way. And Britain-made would mean it was made in a Britain way...which doesn't make sense. I'm sorry if this is really confusing :(. Basically, Made in Britain and British-made are fine, but Britain-made isn't.
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