bro vs. bruh (slang for 'brother')

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Hello all,
Which is the slangiest? (if there's such thing...)
bro or bruh

I have seen both, but not sure why people use one or the other, or what's the difference :confused:

Thank you!
  • Szkot

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    People will use whatever is common in their own social group. Bruh appears to be black American vernacular. It's use as the title of a TV programme may increase its spread.

    Bruh is an American television comedy series created, written, executive produced and directed by Tyler Perry that premiered on May 7, 2020 on BET+. It is a spinoff to Sistas.


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    There is a tradition (in the US) for blacks to call other blacks "brother" and "sister". Doing this assumes some intimacy, since it is calling someone a sibling. The "brother" term got shortened to "bro" (with a long O, like "low"). I don't know the rules -- who can say it to who -- but I think there are rules.

    White kids who think "anything black is cool" may try to imitate this.

    So it isn't slang. It isn't something most people say.

    You should be careful if you you say this, since many people are offended by this intimacy from a stranger.
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