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I'm reading MafiaBoy book by "Michael Calce" and I want to know in this below text what does "Bro" mean? Can it mean "mate" or it just mean "Brother" ?
"THE DAY MY PROBATION ENDED, I called my friend Brian.
"Holy shit, dude!" yelled the voice on the other end of the line. "Are you allowed to call me?"
"Yeah, bro, it's all good," I said. "I'm in the clear now"
It was May 2003 and my sentence was finished. Eight months in custody and a year of probation. Time served. Done."

Thank you.
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    It is actually in our dictionary, it’s been around since the 1830s but I guess it ebbs and flows in its popularity. No-one used it in my community when I was young.


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    It's similar to the 'dude' in the previous line, and while it is literally a shortening of 'brother', is a common form of address among some people. Yes, it's like 'mate'.

    Slowly cross-posted, bro.
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