broad shimmers down the middles of innumerable silk hats

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In the foyer of the theatre they waited a few moments to see the first-night crowd come in. There were opera cloaks stitched of myriad, many-colored silks and furs; there were jewels dripping from arms and throats and ear-tips of white and rose; there were innumerable broad shimmers down the middles of innumerable silk hats; there were shoes of gold and bronze and red and shining black; there were the high-piled, tight-packed coiffures of many women and the slick, watered hair of well-kept men--most of all there was the ebbing, flowing, chattering, chuckling, foaming, slow-rolling wave effect of this cheerful sea of people as to-night it poured its glittering torrent into the artificial lake of laughter....

Above is the paragraph I encountered in the Chapter I of The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Here, the hero goes to the musical theater with his companion and sees the waves of people coming in.
In the underlined part, I don't get what "innumerable broad shimmers down the middles of innumerable silk hats"​ refers to. Which part of the hat does it indicate?
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    "Broad shimmers" should refer to the reflection of light on those silk hats. That light was probably reflected from the central portion of the hats rather than from the edge of those hats.
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