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    If you go to see a gig / concert / performance / show / play in a venue completely inappropriate in size - you would say it was "a broom cupboard" or "a barn dance"(*) as per the examples below.
    Is there a Spanish equivalent?

    A Hi, how was the gig?
    B They had us playing the broom closet!!!
    A It was pretty intimate then?
    B It was a damn sweatbox!

    A Hi, how was the gig?
    B It was a barn dance!!!
    A Big venue then?
    B It was 3 people in an aircraft hangar!!!

    (*) n.b. some people may say they've not heard of "barn dance" in this context.

    Neal Mc
  2. fenixpollo

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    I've not heard of "barn dance" in this context... nor "broom closet". I doubt that they are widely accepted set phrases, and there may not be a set phrase in Spanish. Therefore, you could probably translate the first one literally: ¡Nos pusieron a tocar en el clóset!

    The other one, though, I'm not sure, because if you said that it was a barn dance, you'd probably be taken literally. :rolleyes:

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