1. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

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    Do you know this expression ? Do we have an equivalent in french ?

    The man who says that is trying to make up with his cousin after having sex with his girlfriend.
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  2. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    «Les gars avant les poulettes» ?

    But this is not as slangy...
  3. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    That is indeed the meaning. It's Black slang:

    bro = brother (what Black men call each other: "a brother; a bro"--not derogatory)
    hoe = whore (very derogatory Black slang word used for an "easy" woman, not particularly a professional prostitute--more like slut)

    (Both bro and hoe rhyme with go)
  4. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

    Thanks to all. Wildan you saved me again ! :):):)
  5. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

    I translated "La famille passe avant les filles". It's not slang but it rhymes.
  6. cydvis New Member

    Francais - Martinique
    How about "Les potes passent avant les salopes" ?
  7. gillyfr Senior Member

    Montreal, Canada
    English - England
    Ooh, I like that! Got it down to a tee!
  8. Alpheratz

    Alpheratz Senior Member

    les potes avant les capotes

    les potes avant la culotte

    les potes avant les cocottes

    les potes avant la motte
  9. KdO Member

    France, français

    étant fan de la série How I met your mother, je voudrais savoir la traduction de cette expression de notre cher Barney Stinson!

    Bro's before hoes

    merci bcp à vous !
  10. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

    94044 USA
    Français (CH), AE (California)
    Why is it bro's, and not bros?
  11. GrammarFreak

    GrammarFreak Senior Member

    Geneva, Switzerland
    French (France) - English (Australia)
    Ca veut dire que les amis passent avant les petites-amies. Basically, girlfriends come and go, but your (male) friends are always there.
  12. DrD

    DrD Senior Member

    Cantal, France
    England English
    Hi KdO & SwissPete,

    It's bro's and not bros (probably) because 'bro' is an abbreviation of 'brother', so the apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters. However, I feel a need to state that 'bros' is, in fact, the standard English (BE anyway) abbreviation for brothers, so I would simply consider this to be grammatically incorrect.

    'bro's (or bros)' = brothers (men)
    'hoes' = whores (women)

    Therefore, men before women. Both grammatically and politically incorrect ;-)

    If anyone has any thoughts on why 'hoes' instead of 'ho's' or 'hos', I'd be interested. Sounds rather as though we're dealing with garden implements here...
  13. GrammarFreak

    GrammarFreak Senior Member

    Geneva, Switzerland
    French (France) - English (Australia)
    I suppose 'hoes' falls in the same category as 'tomatoes', 'potatoes' or 'heroes'. But this broken rule does not have any reasoning to my knowledge.
  14. TsaraBe Senior Member

    Miami, Florida USA
    English - US
    It's a little stronger than just "men before women." As GrammarFreak mentioned, it's specifically referring to the bond between male friends and how "bros" (I would not spell it with an apostrophe) are more important than "hoes" (in this case a derogatory word for a girlfriend or a girl you're dating or hooking up with).

    As grammarfreak said, it's really something guys say to mean that girls/girlfriends come and go but friends (specifically male friends) are always there - so in essence doing something to get a girl that would hurt your friendship with one of your guy friends isn't worth it...

    Hope this helps...
  15. jscottseptembre Banned

    American English
    I have no idea why you would say that. I'm not too sure where you grew up, but I'm white; I grew up with both black and white people and I've had both white and black friends who use this. Yea, my black friends might call me bro and, conversely, I call them bro, but with my white friends, it's the same thing. In other words, we all say it and we all say it to each other, our skin color doesn't matter. It's not at all like "nigga" and even then, my black friends will still call me that lol. Anyways, certain white people will have more of a tendency to use "bro", as opposed to, let's say, "dude" and then inversely, certain black people will have more of a tendency to use "dude" and not "bro". Puis en français, c'est pareil ! J'ai un pote africain francophone qui m'appelle "frère" et j'en fais autant ! Pour résumer, rien à voir avec la race
  16. Saints22

    Saints22 Senior Member

    Mauritius c'est un plaisir
    French & English
    Selon la traduction française par ChocolateJohn que j'ai trouvée sur internet,

    Bros before Hoes
    Les Potes avant les Petasses
  17. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    That's my perspective as someone much older than you, jscott--it is true that by the time you grew up, bro was widely used slang for many--especially younger people, but 40 years ago when I was your age, it was definitely part of Black slang.

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