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    BTW what was the most clicked thread about? I only registered a couple of weeks ago.



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    Antonio said:
    Hi Group,

    "Came up with" and "Brought it up" have the same meaning or not?
    No, they don't mean exactly the same thing.

    He came up with an idea: He thought of an idea.

    He brought up the subject of homework: He mentioned the subject of homework.
    He brought it up. He mentioned it and opened it for conversation.

    He then came up with a solution. He thought of a solution.


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    Fully agree with Jacinta. :tick:

    Just FYI to bring up can also mean to be sick (colloquially).
    :warn: Sorry, not a very nice expression but thought you might be interested in another meaning of this phrasal verb.;)


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    When you open each forum, on the right side of the page, there are three columns: last post, replies, and views. This system ranks them automatically by last post, which is probably the easiest for all of us. If you click "replies," it will list all threads in order of the most replies. If you click "views," then it will list them in the order of the most views. I don't know the name of Antonio's thread, but since you have to "view" it to respond to it, "Most Clicked" is probably the "Most Viewed" thread. I think...:confused:

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