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“Uh-oh,” Liz said, her voice low. “Gals, we’ve got company.” Bethie looked up to see Mr. Breedlove, the long strands of his sparse black hair combed across the brown-spotted dome of his skull.
source: Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner
context: Mr. Breedlove is their office manager.

brown-spotted is a reference to the brown spotted cod, right? in other words, his bold dome has the colour of a brown spotted cod, right?

Thank you.
  • Hildy1

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    I think it simply means that there are brown spots on his scalp - nothing to do with fish.


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    I don't think there's a reference here to cod or any other fish, jacdac.

    "Brown-spotted" here really just means "freckled".

    cross-posted and agreeing:)

    Nickle Sydney

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    It would be really funny if it had something to do with this cute brown-spotted fish. :D
    I wholeheartedly believe there is no such reference. I even doubt the author was / is familiar with this fish. :D


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    As you get older, your skin tends to display brown spots that were never there before from lifelong exposure to the sun. That's how I would understand things without more context - these are signs that he's far past being young. He's balding and his skin is turning spotty.


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    Here is a picture of a bald man with brown patches (spots) on his head.

    Definitely no fish involved!
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