brownout / brown out


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Any suggestions for "brownout" in Spanish.

I understand that is a "baja de voltaje", but I don't know if there is a specific term for "brownout" in Spanish.

Thanks a lot.
  • Sandra, you are talking about the same thing that Pearl and el alamabiano?.

    Because in México, we use both expression "baja de voltaje" and "apagón parcial" with different meanings.

    In the colloquial technicians expressions, these are the meanings.

    Baja de voltaje (baja de corriente) "BAJON".
    it is when exist a low in the electrical energy from the electrical energy supplied, without the interruption , temporal or permanent of the electrical energy. Remember when you are in your house watching the tv in the night, you see the lamps "parpadear", but the telivision is on.

    APAGON parcial o total, is when the electrical energy supply is off. "Se va la luz".

    (In another trheah, was disscused the word or slang fluke).

    I hope can help you.


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    Definitelly, I don't want the word for whenever there is no power supply at all, even if it is just for a bit.

    I want the one for a low in the power supply, so I guess "bajón" is the appropriate one, although it sounds a bit informal to me.

    But I like it as it is only one word, otherwise I will have to use "Baja/Bajada de Voltaje/Tensión" and that is too long. So "Bajón" will have to start sounding formal to me.


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    No, the word was brownout.

    And it is my understanding now that:
    blackout= no current at all = apagón
    brownout = just when the current is lower, but there is still some = Baja de Corriente, Bajón


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    En una película escuché el término brown out, a la par de black out, en referencia a un apagón, por lo que deduzco que tiene algo que ver con ese término. ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?


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    Un 'brown out' es algo como un medio apagón, el voltaje se baja pero no por completo. Por lógica sería un 'gray out' pero la frase ya está hecha.