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Hello, I have been browsing the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary and stumbled upon the word brunette. What surprised me was the comment, that the word is sometimes offensive. I do not understand that comment. Do you have any idea when brunette can be offensive? I checked the word blonde and there is no comment like that. Thanks.
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    All I can imagine is that it can be rude to refer to someone by a single, superficial trait, particularly when addressing a woman by reducing them to a single characteristic. Such an act might well be thought of as sexist these days.


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    The same comment is found under blonde and redhead in that dictionary so I think bibliolept has the explanation. The more common association with "offensiive" is the collocation in the insulting "(dumb) blonde".


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    The definition you've linked says:
    a white-skinned woman with dark brown hair.
    (Italics and underline added by me.)
    Brunette/brunet and blonde/blond have feminine/masculine forms.
    In a group in which everyone has dark hair, we generally don't use "brunette/brunet" to describe their hair.


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    I understand what you mean, I think it works neither in Czech nor Hungarian. In Czech, for instance the word "<...>" with the -ka at the end has a melodious overtones. But maybe different languages still work in a different way. But that could be more non-language debate, I admit. I checked this blonde headword that's why I didn't find the comment, but now I see it is really in all those words.
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    Your OALD link in post 5 has this comment:

    Blonde may be used to describe a woman’s hair, but it is sometimes considered offensive to refer to a woman as ‘a blonde’ because hair colour should not define what a person is like.​


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    I sometimes think some bad writers have heard English has three third-person singular pronouns, but are under the impression they're 'the blonde', 'the brunette', and 'the redhead'.
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