brunette vs olive skin

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"brunette vs olive skin"
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could you tell me the difference between the two ?
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  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    In BE we talk of a (female) person as "a brunette", or about "brunette hair".

    A brunette may or may not have olive skin. My mother was a brunette with an English "peaches and cream" complexion.

    A male with olive skin would not be described as "a brunette", even if he had dark brown hair.


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    "Brunette" describes hair, not skin.

    I was going to say the same (and the French 'brunette' is also a Bulgarian word that we use in exactly the same way so it has never been foreign to me) but then I saw this confusing definition here

    (of the hair, eyes, skin, etc., of a white person) of a dark color or tone :confused:
    brunette - Dictionary of English

    If you don't get confused enough by eyes and skin, you can always 'get abstracted' by the 'etc.' that follows. Could it refer to the colour of the nails, as well? :D
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