Bruschetta (pronunciación)

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  1. blasita

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    Hola a todos:

    En inglés británico he oído siempre bruschetta pronunciada más o menos así: /brʊˈsket.ə/. En inglés americano, creía que el sonido /k/ era /ʃ/ (como en she), pero he oído a un americano decirlo con /k/. Me gustaría confirmar que es así en inglés británico y preguntar si se dan las dos pronunciaciones en el americano.

  2. graced Senior Member

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    The correct pronunciation is the /k/ sound. It is a commonly mispronounced word. It drives my Italian mother crazy!
  3. kayokid

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    So, as far as I understand it, the sound is that of 'k' in Italian. We/the Americans, (well, I) say the sound as 'sh'. That's the way I've always heard it. That way is incorrect, as far as how the true Italian pronunciation goes...
  4. graced Senior Member

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    Not all Americans pronounce it with the "sh." I'm from New York City, and many members of the large Italian-American community there pronounce it with the /k/. The influence of a large Italian-American population means you'll hear a lot of people saying it this way. But you also hear the "sh" a's the kind of thing that one would never correct and I would go so far as to say the "sh" is totally accepted in the U.S.
  5. FromPA

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    I've only ever heard it pronounced as "sh."
  6. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    I used to say "brushetta" too, until I found out the correct way is "brusketta."
  7. geostan

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    English Canada
    I've only heard bruschetta pronounced as sh, but I realize that the Italian combination sch should be pronounced sk.
  8. blasita

    blasita Senior Member

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    Thank you very much, everyone.

    So, I understand the Italian pronunciation is seen as the correct one but the most common pronunciation of bruchetta in AmE is /ʃ/.

    And what about in BrE?

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