Brush the firmament


"But I shall not believe
in them till I see them; a skysail seems high enough in all conscience; and the idea of
anything higher than that, seems preposterous. Besides, it looks almost like tempting
heaven, to brush the very firmament so,..."
Here, what does this part mean?

(Please explain in an easy way for non native people to understand)

Thank you!
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    Note that "bush" (which you have in your title for this thread) and "brush" are not the same word.

    The definitions of the noun firmament and the verb to brush can be dound in any dictionary, including the one on this site; did you check a dictionary first?


    Thank you, everyone.
    >Sorry. I just misspelled the word and was confused because the word, brush has some definitions.
    >This is excerpted from Herman Melvill's Redburn: His First Voyage as I posted on the previous one.
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