BSC: Trag od...What is more natural to you?



This is a question about all the languages (Bosnian,Serbian,Croatian):

What sounds more natural to you? What combination of cases and the word trag?
Trag od...
Ni traga+dative (ni traga incedentima, ljubavi etc.)
Ni traga o..(with the preposition).
Trag+genitive: npr.: Trag rata je ostavio utisak u...

What is the most frequent? Does the negation (ni) influence the consequence of cases and the word trag (i.e.,is it allowed to say ni traga+gen.?).
  • thegreathoo

    Senior Member
    Prepositions here denote some sort of implied specificity or emphasis, much like all other prepositions like at, from, for. So, tragovi od rata, would be akin to saying "the traces of war," or "traces of the war." rather than the more general case, "traces of war," tragovi rata.
    If you want to sound specific, or pointed, you would use a preposition. That's normally the case in artistic writing, or even common speech, whereas in academia or politics where the speaker wants to be perceived as reserved or conservative, less pointed and assuming, he would use a more proper general case, tragovi rata.