Bubble brain vs. out of mind


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George: John, could you drive me to the supermarket to buy milk?
John: Sorry, I think I told you that I don't drive.
George: Oh, yes, yes, sorry, "I have bubble brain sometimes." or "I am out of mind sometimes."

Are they both correct in this situation? If so, which is better? Thank you.
  • jokaec

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    Did you invent those examples or did you find them somewhere?
    I invented it. Could you recommend an expression used to explain someone makes a very basic and obvious mistake because his or her mind sometimes gets messed up?


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    I am a bubble brain sometimes. I am not smart or I am forgetful at times. This is a possibility.
    I am out of my mind sometimes. I am insane or mentally ill at times. This is too strong. :eek:

    suzi br

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    I like “I’m a bubble-brain”. I never heard it before but it seems apt for the context.

    I might say “I’m such an air-head”.
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