kazuhiko fudaba

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In the article of USA TODAY: The Buble: Trump 'has no core beliefs,' liberals and conservatives agree, there appear many bubbles
such as the Bubble in the title, Conservative bubble, and Liberal bubble.

Question) What does the term 'bubble' mean ? I can't find the appropriate meaning in the dictionary.

Thank you.

Kazu Fudaba
  • wolfram_beta

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    A "bubble" here is used as a metaphor. An actual bubble is a hollow ball of sorts (WordReference definition), such as what you could blow with bubble gum or what you often find with soap suds.

    There is a metaphor of a "media bubble", in which groups of people are seen to be trapped within a "bubble". From within that "bubble", they only hear certain news, opinions and ideas and they are blocked from hearing what happens outside of that bubble.

    A "conservative bubble" would describe people who only consume their news from Fox News and Breitbart, for example.
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