Bubbly/Sparkling wine (AmE)

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Hello everyone!

What do you call the drink that you offer at official receptions or as an aperitive at a party?
I'm not talking about expensive champagne but the more common and cheaper version. I've found words like bubbly or sparkling wine. Are these commonly used in American English?
  • dojibear

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    "Bubbly" or "the bubbly" is slang for "champagne", and not used much in AE. When I hear it, it sounds pretentious, like something a pretend-sophisticate would say.

    I am not sure about the difference between "champagne" and "sparkling wine". In AE "champagne" doesn't have to be expensive -- we don't restrict the term to "only things bottled in the Chapagne region of France", so we have cheap ones too.

    But wait for other people to answer, in the next few hours.


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    "Bubbly" is very informal and mostly BE. "Sparkling wine" is common. Also, the word "champagne" is often used informally for all sparkling wines, including those that do not meet the legal French definition of that term - and even real champagne does not have to be expensive.



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    I have to go to a lot of receptions for my work. It is actually more common to offer a choice of white wine or red wine, not bubbly/champagne at all.
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