Bucăți de pui fiert cu mirodenii

  • Lucian Hodoboc

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    Romanian - Romania
    The verb to cook is translated in Romanian as "a găti" (or "a pregăti", depending on the context), so the sentence would be correctly translated as "Bucăţi (bucăţele) de pui gătit (pregătit) cu mirodenii". The word "fiert" translates as boiled (in water) in English.

    So, this is strictly related to the cooking method you choose.


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    Not sure you need to keep the "cooked" in there at all, as a matter of fact. "Pui cu mirodenii" is enough, after all, there's a recipe coming after this, isn't there?


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    Yes, but considering that nowadays there is a variety of precooking food,
    I suppose that 'cooked' needs translated, though.
    It depends on the context anyway.