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I am reading an article on construction of city of London School and am at loss as to the meaning of the expression buck the trend.

The modern building which now houses The City of London School on Queen Victoria Street bucks the trend of the school’s former buildings. It was designed by former pupil Thomas Meddings, who created an outer shell which is non-load-bearing, allowing for easy layout change to the interior rooms. The school has occupied this building since 1987.

My dictionary gives me two opposite meanings of this word like to support and counter. So I cannot get whether this design was revolutionary in respect of previous one or it was built to the same trend.

Thank you
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    Hi Andrew

    "Bucks the trend" = "goes counter to the trend".

    (I can't think of a situation in which "buck", alone, means "support" - but that may be lack of imagination on my part:).)
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