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How is bucket seat different from car seat ? Which term is more commonly used ?

Mrs Jones was sitting on her front stoop, and raised her hand in a wave. Lisey raised hers in return. Then she reached between the BMW’s bucket seats again, so she could grasp the shaft of the spade.
Source: Lisey's Story by Stephen King

Thank you.
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    Some cars used to have the same type of seat in the front and the back. Long seats, with not "break". The gears used to be on the stick shift.

    Along came bucket seats. I think they existed already with manual transmission, but no matter. The bucket seats allowed the gears to be between the two seats in the front of the car.

    Bucket seats are standard now for most cars, and are like the seats in the front of the car.

    This is hard to explain. :confused:


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    From Wikipedia: Bucket seat: A bucket seat is a seat contoured to hold one person, distinct from bench seats which are flat platforms designed to seat multiple people. Bucket seats are standard in fast cars to keep riders in place when making sharp or quick turns. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the name derives from the seat "partly resembling a bucket in shape".

    Here is a picture of two bucket seats side by side – you can see that there's an area between them where a spade (small shovel) could rest on the floorboard. It would be hidden from general view, and you could reach down between the seats to pick it up.
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